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For over 15 years, Rae Serrano has specialized in Operations Management supporting small businesses and individuals actualize their ideas and strategic plans. By taking ownership of your vision, she works hand in hand with you to create the infrastructure your business requires . Acting as your Chief of Staff on Demand and Operations Manager, Rae Serrano produces the results your vision and strategic plans deserve each and every time.
Opportunity cost is a factor. Take action today to learn how Rae Serrano can best support you in skyrocketing and sustaining your business growth.

Remote, USA (EST)

It’s time to prepare for sustainability and business growth.
You offer a great product and/or service and business is flowing. However, you understand there’s a gap in your systems, processes, and operations management. You require excellence to create and sustain the growth you’re diligently working on. Backed by a strong team, Rae Serrano renders the excellence you require. As a seasoned Chief of Staff and Operations Manager, she provides the dedication and VIP attention you and your business deserve. You know it’s time for your business to operate on the next level and Rae’s commitment is to see this through . Schedule a consultation with Rae today.
When systems and processes are unclear, productivity is vastly limited . A sustainable business leads with clear goals, objectives, and workflows. Can you imagine a car running on 2 wheels instead of 4? This is the case when businesses do not have clear and proven systems in place. Rae partners with you to create the results you desire by underlining your strategic vision and culture that sets the stage for your systems, processes, and people to succeed.
Schedule a complimentary consultation to learn more .
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Chief Of Staff On Demand ​- Serving as your right hand, Rae Serrano’s experience and expertise prepares her to comprehend and take ownership of your business’s vision, ideal culture, strategic requirements and operational implementations and management to support you to lead your organization into sound growth and sustainability.
Operations Management – Systems and processes require supervision, management, and analytics to measure their effectiveness. Our operations management service consists of accountability to processes, solving problems, project management, team training and management and elite customer service.
360 Business Management – A full service to provide your organization with the entire business management setup required to have any startup or small business launch and operate successfully. Consisting of Strategic Planning, Operations Management and Business Administration.

A few minutes of your time can change the trajectory of your business. Opportunity cost is a factor, schedule your complimentary consultation to learn how Rae Serrano can best support you and your business.
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